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  1. only just

    • ph.
      剛剛;差一點沒; 幾乎不
    • 釋義


    • 1. 剛剛 We've only just arrived. 我們剛到。 I've only just moved to London. 我剛剛搬到倫敦。
    • 2. 差一點沒; 幾乎不 He only just caught the train. 他差點沒趕上火車。 I've enough milk for the coffee -- but only just. 我的牛奶夠喝咖啡用的--剛剛夠。
  2. 知識+

    • only vs. just

      ...quot;only" is an adverb, then "just" usually a synonym: I only (just) want to ask a question. but NOT always He only calls when...

    • onlyjust的差別

      ...的方法,有量的概念 just 當副詞主要三個用途 1.僅僅/2. 剛剛/ 3. 正好, 會與only搞混是1.僅僅, 當just表示僅僅時, 沒有具體的量的概念 但是有能力/範圍的概念 例如 1.僅僅 I...

    • 怎分OnlyJust!拜託!!急

      ...行,不過最好先告訴我一聲。 2. 要不是,若非[+(that)] I'd have gone, only (that) it rained. 要不是下雨,我已經走了。 JUST ad. (副詞 adverb) 1. 正好,恰好 That is just what I want to...