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    • 此段文章該如何翻譯

      Only now , entering the woods on the footpath, did Annemarie...移動並擴張至他們的衣服及手上的毛氈。 But she wore only a light sweater over her cotton dress. 但她只在棉衣上加上一件薄...

    • buddha

      There's no always. 沒有總是。 There is only Now.... 現在只有唯一。 that's all we have 那就是我們所擁有的。 2008-03-09 13:03:54 補充: buddha >>佛陀

    • 英翻中以及單字文法的問題..請英文高手幫忙..

      1.Only now, sitting in Fee's bedroom - working our way through a...點心,有 Kenneth 在旁邊讓我有點不好意思。 2.There are only five biscuits and half a packet of Quavers left and we still haven...