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  1. onslaughts

    • onslaught的名詞複數
    • 相關詞
    • n.
      突擊,猛攻[C][(+on)] The politician made a violent onslaught on the unions. 該政客猛烈抨擊工會。 The onslaught of a cold winter made the food very scarce in the prairies. 寒冷的冬天來襲,使得草原上的食物變得稀少。
    • n.
      猛烈打擊; 猛烈抨擊 to make an onslaught on sth./sb. 猛烈攻擊某事物/某人 to withstand/repel an onslaught 頂住/擊退進攻
    • 突擊,猛擊,猛攻