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    • 五句短句中翻英,就剩這幾句句子...急 中翻英

      ... meaning in the story. 3.Can let children for ownly is the person to conduct oneself in life, reply into back to... free riotous style of the color, letting the kids greatly open new vista!

    • windows vista

      ...可能跟台灣的電腦術語有出入 請參考看看吧 另外 這是題外話 Window Vista 還很差 最好不要用 為什麼呢? 第一 還在測試 所以程式上還有很多錯誤...

    • 急~~~請幫我翻譯這些短文,因為很多所以贈點20

      ... am so far 2006-12-14 11:36:04 補充: Really let me open new vista greatly through 7 learnings of weeks, all without exception each kind of...