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  1. be open to debate

    • be unproven; require further discussion
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    • be unproven and requiring further discussion

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    • 英文文章翻譯中文-----20點 ((急))

      ...或不認同之看法,並發表意見。 If the leader has not been open to disagreement or debate, his or her actionsspeak loudly and clearly to staff. And, unfortunately...

    • 翻譯 全球資產管理摘要!!

      ...the ideal currency allocation in the strategic benchmark is, and will remain, a question open to debate. 假設計畫主持人訂定較短期的策略(假設是5年),如何選擇貨幣標的分配以符合...

    • 翻譯這篇SPAR文章

      ...教先在黑板上寫出學生的正反看法。 SPAR is an introductory exercise to debate, using a slightly simpler structure. With practice, students...