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  1. open-hearted

    • KK[ˋopənˋhɑrtɪd]
    • DJ[͵əupənˋhɑ:tid]


    • = openhearted
  2. 知識+

    • 大大請幫翻幾句英文,TKS=))

      ...should be carefully maintained and kept in check. We should be open-hearted towards others regardless of any differences and misunderstandings...

    • 請大家幫我聽出這段影片的英文內容!!

      ...'s another side again, and that's the peaceful face of Indonesia. Open hearted and communal, no matter how long we stay, we're not treated like guests...

    • 這幾句英文的意思? give sb. the trots..

      1. opening remark 開場演講 2. give sb. the trots (某人)拉肚子 3. a dog...一樣.... (但也有人用在完全相反的狀況--輕鬆的像狗的日子) 4. light-hearted 無憂無慮的 5. get off your (asses, and do something...