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  1. open-mindedness

    • KK[ˋopənˋmaɪndɪdnɪs]
    • DJ[ˋəupənˋmaindidnis]


    • n.
  2. 知識+

    • 麻煩請大家幫我修改英文推薦函

      ... in the field of hospitality. Her attitude towards learning, open-mindedness and interactions with peers in classrooms has...

    • 有容乃大的英文該怎麼說

      ...必須要學著寬容大量:也就是有容乃大的意思)更簡單的說:One's tolerance and open-mindedness lead to one's greatness.個人的拙譯,請參考!

    • 英文文章翻譯中文-----20點 ((急))

      ...發表意見。 If the leader has not been open to disagreement or debate, his or her actionsspeak...unfortunately, it only takes oneexhibition of closed mindedness, or worse, punishing the speaker, for staff tolearn...