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    • 英文Speechopening通常要講什麼?

      通常在做演講時, openingㄧ定要有吸引聽眾注意力的魅力 並且要將你接下來要說...: 主題是Joy for Work 在opening的尾聲要進入主題時,告訴聽眾你覺得要能樂在工作...

    • 英文辯論(第一棒開場)

      ... on the oppositie side of the debate on this first grand opening speech,let me make it clear that I don't pay. ...home"safely should not be mentioned in my grand-opening speech !

    • 英文單字和詞性及例句例句要中文翻譯(20點)

      ...novel. 瑪麗坐在椅上讀小說 10.(n) 演講 The chairman delivered an opening speech. 主席致開幕詞 11.(v)主持 It remains unknown which country will host...