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    • Operating Officer 的中文翻譯是什麼?

      ...不妨叫做"經營幹部"或"公司主管"。 2006-04-21 09:07:47 補充: Operating Officer不是正式的職稱,只是通稱。協理有慣用的Director可用...

    • 英文畢業證書裡的師長頭銜翻中文

      安安^^ registrarand chief operating officer>> 註冊主任兼(某公司)首席營運官 ※chief operating officer (or...

    • 英文翻中文~會的麻煩一下!!

      Operating principle Pressure switch B1 (low water level) This controls the water level in the of the pumps to stop. When the liquid level the reservoir is low, and the two pumps must operate simultaneously, a time delay on energisation relay KA2 delays the starting of the ...