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  1. operate

    • IPA[ˈäpəˌrāt]


    • v.
      (of a person) control the functioning of (a machine, process, or system);(of a machine, process, or system) function in a specified manner
    • verb: operate, 3rd person present: operates, gerund or present participle: operating, past tense: operated, past participle: operated

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    • 為什麼operating theatre被翻作”手術室”??

      Operating這個字是由operate來的,是動詞.動手術或開刀都是用這個字. Operating...=theater名詞,如果單獨一個字是劇場,戲院之意.要解釋為手術室時前面一定要用operating. Operating theatre=operating room=surgical operation 在醫院...

    • 一題英文翻譯題 operate用法

      你查的沒錯,operate 當做「手術」時,operate on 後面接「人」。這題考的正是這個 operate 的用法...了( by 醫生)的片語,原本主動完成式說法是: The doctor has operated on him for appendicitis. (因盲腸炎,醫生已經給他做了手術...

    • operate (a) surgery

      ...perform an operation" and "perform a surgery". If you want to say "operate...", usually I heard/read in the context of "operate on the patient...