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  1. opposed

    • IPA[əˈpōzd]


    • adj.
      eager to prevent or put an end to; disapproving of or disagreeing with;in conflict or disagreement with; hostile to
    • 釋義
    • 片語


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    • 英文文法 be opposed to

      正確寫法是: Cloning is opposed to by humanitarians for ethical reasons. 加 being 可以...

    • 關於 oppose 的問題...

      (1)(2)句我ㄧ起解釋,be opposed to 是一個片語,opposed原是過去分詞,現已當...這裡的 "to + V" 叫做不定詞! 跟 be opposed to V-ing 中的 to 是不一樣的!ps. to...

    • oppose object against 的用法

      oppose object against 的用法 ,三個皆有反對與不贊成的意思, . 請各位大大詳細幫我說明三個單字的用法並舉例句說明 . oppose 及物動詞 [ 反對; 反抗; 妨礙 ] . 不及物動詞 [ 反對 ] . 有對抗之意 . object...