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    • clothing optional

      clothing optional 直接翻譯是"衣服可以省略","穿不穿衣服都沒關係" 其實就是天體營的意思,像是 clothing optional beach/resort/club 等等

    • 我要寫三分鐘的speech 要英文 很急給ˇ20點

      PE in high school should be optional because not everyone enjoys the execrise. Take some for example, their body harm than good. The reason why I think it should be optional is because some people like to run, but others don't like to run...

    • 急。20點。英文翻譯(音樂相關)

      ... depended upon availability, and such parts were often optional. 所使用的樂器要看當時是否備有,而且這樣的零件往往是可有可無的。 2014...