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  1. opulence

    • KK[ˋɑpjələns]
    • DJ[ˋɔpjuləns]


    • n.
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    • IPA[ˈɒpjʊləns]



    • n.
      奢侈; 富麗堂皇; 華麗; 豪華
    • 豐裕,豐富,豐饒

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    • 請幫忙我翻譯關於時裝品牌的英文

      ... signature couture techniques to convey a story of architectural and indigenous opulence. A gradient palette of bare neutrals and blacks is ...

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      ... or judged: The new hotel is a benchmark in opulence and comfort. 2.any standard or reference by which others can be measured...

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