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  1. or somewhere


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    • 1. 或到別的什麼地方;或在別的什麼地方 They're going away to Greece or somewhere. 他們正前往希臘或其它什麼地方。
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    • 時間倒數的英文

      ...一個旅程會是在曼谷還是美國呢? Where shall we travel next, Bangkok or somewhere in the States? Which place shall we next travel to, Bangkok...

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      ...hand, I will wear jeans and a T-shirt when I go to school or somewhere farther. I will also neatly comb my hair or band it into a ponytail...

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      ...just smoke a little bit and put off then. He maybe leaves to another corner or somewhere few people are. That is all about respect, the most important for...