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  1. orderlies

    • orderly的名詞複數
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    • 英翻中"You are blunt;..."

      You are blunt; go to it orderly. 你個性憨厚, 做此事要按部就班的. 你是駑鈍型的, 要一步一腳印向它邁進...

    • 三民版第5冊英文課文翻譯

      ...補充: “What is your name?” the woman asked the orderly who had been wheeling me. “他叫什麼名字?&rdquo...

    • 語言學The maxims of manner 舉例

      ...of expression.Avoid ambiguity.Be brief (avoid unnecessary prolixity).Be orderly.Example: A:Can you take out the trash? B Improper...