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    • 礦石,含有金屬的岩石
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    • 想問一個英文單字的意思VibraniumOre Ore

      ore is a rock,earth,etc, from which metal can be obtained,eg iron ore. vibrant(adj) is full of life and energy of very bright and strong colours,brilliant,loud and powerful, so vibrancy or Vibranium Ore is a drug brand name.

    • ore mo aitai desu 日文翻譯

      俺も会いたいです o re mo a i ta i de su 其實想見面也對 因為口語化~所以省略妳 也可當成想見妳 一般用 (我) 都是 (私 わたし)watasi 也可以用 (僕 ぼく) boku 俺 おれ o re 比較口語化~意即沒那麼的有禮貌 も mo 也的意思 

    • Resources of Canada Iron ore

      Draw a picture of what your natural resource looks like. 請試著畫出國家天然資源的樣子 List three uses for your natural resource (what can be made from your natural resource?) 列出三位使用國家天然資源的使用者, 還有 (什麼東西是天然資源...