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    • 東方人,亞洲人東方諸國的,亞洲的,東方的
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    • The meaning of Oriental.

      Oriental's meaning is 'connected with or typical of the eastern...the world, especially China and Japan, and the people who live there' oriental 的意思是 「與世界東方,特別是中國、日本等地有關連的,或有該地域特質...

    • 短句中翻英--有關東西方對茶的觀念

      Oriental people have already known the benefit of tea for both the body and mind, while until recently, westerners have no idea that tea is a kind of healthful beverage.

    • 問葡萄牙文!!

      ...地區主管機關 Superintendncia Regional da Amazonia Oriental 東部亞馬遜地區主管機關 DEPARTAMENTO DE INFRA-...