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    • 裝飾表面的,誇示的,華美的
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    • 有人知道〝正〞的英文?

      ...grand, handsome, impressive, knockout, lavish, lovely, lulu, luxuriant, luxurious, magnificent, opulent, ostentatious, pleasing, plush, pretentious, pulchritudinous, ravishing, resplendent, showy, splendid...

    • Do I have to cut the dash?

      ... 網站字典cut a dash, to make a striking impression; be ostentatious or showy.使人非常地印象深刻~~賣弄愛現~所以~~ Do I have to cut the...

    • 如何改善英文作文 English (your ET is being nice),but an ostentatious, bumptious, disoriented and poorly-patched fashion as a-lot-to-say-about...