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  1. other than

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    • 1. 除了 There's nobody here other than me. 這兒除了我沒有別人。
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    • (英文問題) other than

      other than ----- 底下是Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (朗文當代英英字典)對 "other than"的解釋和所舉例句: other than: apart from a particular person or thing, synonym except...

    • 請問something other than是什麼意思

      something other than B:除了B以外的東東。 other than the typically puritanical are available... have increased in China amid popular demand for something other than the typically puritanical shows which are available on state-controlled...

    • other than 到底要怎麼翻譯?

      its number tow it means that they can not only speak english also can speak another lanquage!! sorry cuz now i am in American so i only can type in english