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  1. out and about


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    • 1. 能夠外出走動的 He is out and about now after two weeks in hospital. 在醫院住了兩個禮拜後,現在他能外出走動了。
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    • 麻煩選一下英文文法時態變化二

      ...progress), I _found_ (find) out more and more about my fellow _have_knew_ (know) more about cultures different from their own and _have_had_ (have) the opportunity...

    • we spend a lot of money..

      ...bring out (show, make it apparent) 而非 bring about (cause)。再回來解讀 to help bring out and complicate the truth about coal,它可以解成 to help bring out the truth about coal and to complicate the truth about...

    • 急The Woodman and the Serpent翻譯

      ...down to stroke it, but the Serpent raised its head and put out its fangs and was about to sting the child to death. So the Woodman seized his...