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  1. out and away

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    • 1. 顯然 He's out and away the stupidest man I know. 我認識的人當中顯然數他最蠢。
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    • 英翻中 (國外衣服的標籤)

      ...each wash每次清洗都會漸漸脫色To reduce colour loss wash garment inside out and dry away from direct heat . 若要減低脫色 清洗時將裡面往外翻 同時乾衣時避免直接加熱...

    • 英文~~(有些不懂)

      1.when the police came______the door,the thief jumped out the window and ran away. (a)up(b)out(c)to(d)with come to, 到達, 來到2.I_____the children...

    • 請問”by far”的意思?

      ...電視塔明顯地是我國最大的建築。 2009-11-14 10:20:00 補充: 同義詞:far and away, out and away see: