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  1. out at the elbows


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    • 請問手肘的英文單字?有那幾種說法?'s elbow非常近,可購得著的 give somebody/get the elbow使某人被排斥或拒絕 out at (the) elbow(s)指人穿破舊衣服的,衣衫襤褸的 elbow somebody out of the way/a side用肘把某人...

    • 請幫我把元宵猜燈謎的由來翻成英文

      ... in very gorgeous clothes;Wang2 Shao3 then is out at elbow.When the servant tells "Lee is just" to come to visit, the white...

    • 急需~英翻中(Roller Derby)

      ... one or two skaters try to break out of the pack and lap the opponents. When...the vicious shrieking, pushing, elbowing, and fighting, all at high speed while the skaters are...