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    out in left field

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    • peer review跟to be out in left

      peer review是同儕之間例如互改作業的一種學習方式 to be out in left filed: 'In baseball, left field is at the furthest distance from the batter, to his left; [literally...

    • 有關sports的idioms翻譯...急!!!

      ...score 把比數拉平, 扯平了(誰也不欠誰了) 2 to be out in left field = to be not effective, useful, or likely 沒有概念在幹什麼...or criticism 對困難和挑剔可以處理得很好 15 to be in the running = to have a chance to win 有贏的機會...

    • ” 你 想 太 多 ” 的 英 文 怎 麼 寫 ?

      上面的大大的英文out in left field(錯的離譜)。 "你想太多了"這一句其實英文跟中文長的很像 你可以...完美,漂亮一點的,你可以說, "Don't put too much thought in that." 至於第二句"還是努力工作比較實際"的英文 你可以說"...