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  1. out of

    • ph.
      離開; 在...範圍之外;用...作材料
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    • 1. 離開; 在...範圍之外

      He refused to shake hands and walked out of the room without a word. 他拒絕握手, 一句話也不說地走出了房間。

      I hear you are out of the old company. 我聽說你離開了老公司。

    • 2. 用...作材料

      He was learning to carve little dancing figures out of wood. 他學著用木頭雕刻跳舞的小人。

    • 3. 因為

      Are they doing so out of habit or out of fear? 他們這樣做是由於習慣還是由於懼怕?

    • 4. 沒有

      He discovered that he was out of cigarettes. 他發現他沒有香菸了。

    • ph. 從...奔出

    • ph. 逃避

    • I couldn't get out of going to that wedding. 我不能逃避出席婚禮。

    • ph. (水果、蔬菜等)不當令的, 落令的

    • Strawberries are out of season now. 草莓現在已經過了旺季。

      If you busy oysters out of season, they are very expensive. 如果你在非旺季時買蠔, 價錢就很貴。

    • ph. 超出視野

    • They looked for the cyclist but he was already out of sight. 他們在尋找騎自行車的人, 但是他已經看不見了。

    • ph. 不活動

    • After a bad fall I was out of action for a month. 我在重重地摔了一跤後, 有一個月的時間不能行動。

      I've been out of action for several weeks with a broken leg. 我的腿折了, 已經幾個星期沒工作了。

    • ph. 在輪到自己之前或之後

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      這裡 out of 是在一起的,兩個字算是一個介係詞...一個字的介係詞一樣。 1. 這些都是 「out of + 名詞」,都是普通「介係詞」片語... Aitchison is out of town this week. 這句的 out of town 和 和...

    • OUT OF片語集

      out of...... 多指 : 缺乏......or出去........ 1.out of gas 沒油 Ex: I ran...在未來的幾天 我將會出城 4.out of tune 走音 或指人生脫軌 Ex...

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      out of the picture Picture是一個很普通的字,它的意思是圖畫,或者是照片。 Out of the picture按字面來講是某人不在那張 as I please since they're now out of the picture. But I do miss...