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  1. out of a job

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    • 1. 失業 He was out of a job, so he was in need of money. 他失業了, 所以缺錢。
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    • 一段英文 幫忙翻譯一下 escape plan" said lou," lt shows how to get out of a building safely" "great job with the riddles" said daniel, "now lets tour the fire...

    • 請問本句英文文法~~

      ...子句裡沒有動詞可以「助」,所以文法上不成立。 2. Having been out of work for a long time, he took the first job that was offered to him. have 當然有 Ving 形態...

    • 請問一下 這題英文 空格應該填什麼!!

      答案: income 收入 現今許多大學生寧可為了工作而放棄學業。這些人相信贏得好的收入遠比贏得好學歷來得重要。 此空格要放名詞~income 跟education都是名詞 regular當名詞: 職工 access:通路 income:收入 deposit:存款