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  1. out of alignment

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    • 翻譯一段英文(不用翻譯軟體的)

      ... the floor with either foot 其中一腳碰到地板.‧shifting the board out of alignment 把板子移動, 離開原位.‧touching the bases of the boards...

    • 請問minimum tire scrub 是什麼意思????

      ...brake will cause the steering wheel to try to rip out of your hand. Negative scrub radius will minimize...have a vehicle that is pulling even though the alignment is correct, look for something that will affect scrub radius...

    • 多色印刷的「對位」之英文

      ...位」這個名詞應該要用什麼英文單字 or 片語去解釋? 您要的術語應是: color alignment 2013-01-21 15:47:54 補充: DSG所說的out of register, 就是多色印刷的瑕疵術語: 「對位不正」. 2013-01-21 16:05:58 補充...