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  1. out of doors

    • ph.
      in or into the open air
  2. 知識+

    • [keep out of] 和[ keep out]

      2005-08-14 23:20:06 補充 He ran out of the door. He ran out the door. 我發現這兩個句子...the grass: off = not on 不要在草上 = 不要踐踏草坪 keep out of the grass: out = not in 保持在草皮之外 = 跟草皮保持...

    • come out或come out ofout of ??

      ...the door. out 成了介係詞,直接接 the door。英國人會說: He went out of the door. out 是副詞。 至於句子後半段的分詞片語 looking cool and collected...

    • ”出門口向右走”用英文怎麼講比較順?

      "出門口向右走" --- It is out of the door and to the right. Use the door and make a right. 2006-08-08 16:27:18 補充...