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    out of fashion

    • ph.
    • 相關詞
    • ph. 不再流行; 過時

    • ph. 不合時尚,不時興

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    • ph. 不合時尚

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  2. 知識+

    • 有人會翻這句英文嗎?

      ....: He fashioned a hat for himself from/out of newspaper. fashion out of earth 的翻譯如下: (親手)用泥土製作... 參考資料

    • 什麼是形容詞片語?副詞片語?

      形容詞片語就是片語當形容詞用EG. out of fashion 過時的/不流行的 This hat is out of fashion...這頂帽子"不...

    • ”不流行”的英文要怎麼講~有幾種講法

      1. out of date 2. out of fashion 3. out of mode . . . . 等等 = = e.g. Cathy never wears the .... It is totally out of date. e.g. This idea is out of mode. Try to be creative, you guys.