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    out of favor with

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    • (20點)有一些片語動詞的中翻英,謝謝

      This week you should make up with a friend who you have fallen out of favor with.You will then be able to count on this friend in the future,and this will...

    • Phrasal verbs question?

      ...out of love (這是fall in love的相反), fall out of place = 做錯決定/預計錯誤, fall out of favor = 不再被欣賞/不再被重用/失勢, fall out of line=行為不檢/不按規矩做錯了事...

    • 請問這兩段話要怎麼翻譯呢?(管理相關)

      ... as it turned out. Given that lean had fallen out of favor-replaced by Six Sigma-much of the hallway conversations...