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    out of harmony with

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    • 這段英文內哪裡有問題? can live together be happily lining in and in harmony with each other to rely on is the happiest thing...personality but very kind, my older brother just out of retired from the army, My younger...

    • 連接、串聯的英文,發音近似sink - 15點

      ...: "an effect like that of stereo speakers slightly out of sync" (Time).Harmony; accord: in sync with today's fashions. intr. & tr.v. synced or synched...

    • 英文翻成中文~誰能幫幫我><(急~~~)

      如果我是一隻鳥 如果我能變成一隻鳥,我要從少年拘留所飛走,越過鐵絲網直達天際。我要飛到波多黎各、非洲、加拿大、中國!我要遙遠而廣闊的旅行。我要和全世界的人們來往。我要吃不同種類的食物。而每個人都會愛我。 如果我能變成一隻鳥,我會變成嘟嘟鳥!我會變成老鷹...