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  1. out of one's head

    • ph.
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    • 誰能告訴我這些idiom的意思(20點優!!)

      ...bird is nestling under a parent's wing for warmth and security. 16. out of one's depth- 在能力之外的 example: He was out of his depth...

    • friends六人行部分內容的用語翻譯

      ...conference 母姐會 rugged handsomeness 粗獷的帥氣 pop into one's head 靈光一閃 creep someone up 另某人毛骨悚然 got the...舞會 stood someone up 放某人鴿子 custody 監護權 out of my league 超出我的等級外(我配不上) heading...

    • 有關sports的idioms翻譯...急!!!

      ...careless mistake 不小心的失誤(掉了人家傳來的好球使攻勢中斷是要挨罵的) 13 to be out of one's league = to be too good or too expensive for you 不同聯盟的, 就是不同級...