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  1. out of puff


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    • 1. 氣喘吁吁 He arrived out of puff. 他到達時氣喘吁吁。
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    • 英文片語 句型解釋

      ...意思,一陣陣地吹(或噴) get your puff back -【英﹐非正式】喘過氣來 out of puff 【英﹐非正式】喘不過氣來 idiom 慣用語1.have/take a puff “ May...

    • 「三隻小豬」英文劇本,英翻中!!

      ... third pig builds a house of brick. The wolf cannot huff and puff hard enough to 第三隻豬建了一棟磚塊的房屋... to trick the third little pig out of his house, but the 移動這房子...

    • 誰有三隻小豬的英文版(附上中文)急!20點

      ... third little pig built a house out of bricks. One day, a wolf knocked... I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house in.,&rdquo...