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    out of sb.'s line

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    • 求英文造句+翻譯

      ... neighbor's tree's branch when I wa (36) break out 爆發 The war between the... to break the ice of the conversation, but is ...10:12 補充: (40) break up with sb. 與某人絕交 I broke...

    • 三種類的英文片語

      ...for the Surf and Turf.(Sb looks) half and half (adj.) 像貌...經濟)繁榮與蕭條交替循環die a dog’s death=to die like a doglead (a person) a...down; back and forth; here and there; in and out; once and for all; here and now; on and...

    • 英文高手請幫我解謝謝.

      ...) lay it on the line (D) put customers...the chief executives's attention,so the responsibility of maintaining office ...adj. + to V too + adj. + for sb/sth trivial: 瑣碎的 8.Many...