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    out of spite

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    • 想問一個片語

      out of spite 出於惡意可表現形容詞或副詞的功用。That kind of behavior is out of spite.< 形容詞功用,充當主詞補語 >She broke the vase...

    • 兩句英文的說法 請協助

      ... to say: I have no bad intention (ill will). I am not out of spite in doing so. I have no malice (spite) towards you. Why? ...

    • 下句"of"的用法

      ...屬於介系詞性質或功能的片語(不一定以介系詞開頭), 才叫作介系詞片語, 例如: in spite of, in accordance with, out of, according to, in connection with, with reference to, in addition to, owing...