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    bolt out of the house

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    • 我想問下面英文單字?它們的意思?

      ran out of the house ran是run的過去式 譯作”跑” out of 形容 “從...出來&rdquo...

    • out of the house...為什麼要加the

      the 是冠詞 當要敘述單數名詞時 前面需要加冠詞 向 a, an, 或 the a 就是 + 發音的開頭為子音的 an 就是 + 發音的開頭為母音的 至於 the 帶有"特定, 專一, 明確"的意味 希望可以幫助你 :)))

    • 請幫我檢查這幾句英文(20點)

      ... carried me and rushed out of the house during the earthquake (happened). My ...2013-01-23 11:50:39 補充: I did mention the validity of it in my comment...or are you too young...