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    out of the question

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    • 請問這英文句子怎麼翻譯才好呢?

      1.out of the question : (成語)不可能 (=impossible) 例句--For me to lend you...英語字詞網站 hold the bag To be left with empty hands. To be ...

    • 不可能和沒問題的記法

      out of the question 不可能 out of question 沒問題 其實建議你先把out of question 這句話先熟記,當你看到out of the question 就很容易分辨了.

    • 請問這個英文句子的正確翻譯?

      ...看看這幾個成語 in question Under consideration or discussion.討論或考慮中 out of the question Not worth considering; impossible不值得考慮、不可能 至於 out...