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    • 幫 忙 翻 譯

      ... from the advertisements that flash on the screens. 網站公司賺錢的其中一個方法就是用從營幕裡的... the software company one month to figure out how to fight the PCvirus which attacks...

    • 請幫我翻譯iphone的說明書

      ... like "Starbucks" or "sushi" to find them on the current map. Check out your location in satellite view. 連敲二次以放大視窗。用二隻手指敲一次...

    • 校正文章文法錯誤,已先自行翻過一次

      ..., the users can find out how much they should pay by touching the metal part. The cost of the electricity will be showed on the screen, which is not only save the money, but...