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    • 幫 忙 翻 譯

      ... from the advertisements that flash on the screens. 網站公司賺錢的其中一個方法就是用從營幕裡的... the software company one month to figure out how to fight the PCvirus which attacks...

    • 請幫我翻譯iphone的說明書

      ... like "Starbucks" or "sushi" to find them on the current map. Check out your location in satellite view. 連敲二次以放大視窗。用二隻手指敲一次...

    • 求助翻譯英文時事1~

      ... are pixels, the tiny dots on the screen that appear when you visit his home page. →他賣全部, while lying in bed ,thinking out how he would pay for university. →他為他的百萬元網頁...