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  1. outcries

    • outcry的名詞複數
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    • 英文我不會><

      ... than cats. public 公共場所 Don't do that in public. outcry 大聲喧嚷 government 政府 release 開放 THe government's release of new ...

    • "群起效尤"的英文說法

      ... to follow suit 2. 此舉引發群起反彈 This act incited a public outcry. 3. 此舉引發人人自危 This act incited all to a panic. 4. 潔身自愛...

    • pit trader是什麼意思

      現場證卷交易員 A dealer who works on the floor of an exchange, usually a futures exchange, that uses the open outcry system.