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  1. outgoing personality

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    • 1. 外向的性格 Because he has an outgoing personality, he can get along with anybody. 因為他外向的個性,他能跟任何人相處。
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    • 各為大大'幫我用英文造句

      I have an outgoing personality. My daily activities include swimming and jogging. ...

    • my personality is…請問一下,英文文法對嗎?

      ...短的在前, 兩個完整句子不可僅用逗號連接. 建議: Speaking of my personality, I am an outgoing, warm-hearted person. I can get along with people very well in whatever situation...

    • personality

      conservative保守的introvert 內向的outgoing; extrovert外向的meek; tender 溫順的;逆來順受的tender; soft 柔弱的;溫和的easy...