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  1. outside lane


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    • 高中簡單英文

      ... in the hall or corridor next to it.(當介系詞) On a wide road, the outside lanes are the ones which are closest to its center...

    • 急!!麻煩翻譯,中翻英關於公車賺用到問題

      ..., present urban area cycle path of this city, except that set up the cycle path in the lane outside the road in Shi Fu road, the others rely mainly on setting...

    • 報名SAT填資料 地址如何填寫??

      ... 1裡沒有數字, 所以它報錯. 首先需點選 Outside the United States, 然後在Country... 1 填街名和門牌號: 如: No 88, Lane 99, Songjiang Road (注意: 數字前要...