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    • 請問一個 片語(急)

      ...挑戰極限。push the envelopechallenge yourself, innovate, take risks, think outside the box If we are going to lead this industry, we need to push the envelope. Exceed the limits of what is normally done, be innovative, as in They are ...

    • 制外法權的英文??

      ...·ri·al ('ek-strə-'ter-ə-`tōr-ē-əl)adj. Existing or taking place outside the territorial limits of a jurisdiction 中國話 (Traditional Chinese) adj. - 治外法權的...

    • 幫我翻譯一下吧~很需要的

      ...866-STATUE-4 預留。 A limited number of time passes are available at the ferry ticket offices for walk... only. Callers outside the U.S. can call the...