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  1. over against

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    • 1. 在...對面 He lived over against the church. 他住在教堂對面。
    • 2. 與某事物對比 the benefits of private education over against state education 私人辦學比起國家教育的好處
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    • against&turn over 的用法?

      .../their mind. (2) My opinion is turned over in my own mind. 3.lean on & lean against 例子: (1) Please don't lean against the wall (2) ...

    • 有關prevail這個字的用法(15點)

      prevail : prevail +(over / against sth)(formal) (思想、觀點等) 被接受; 戰勝; 壓倒ex: Justice will prevail over...over / against sb)(formal) (尤指長時間鬥爭後)戰勝,挫敗 We prevailed over(or against ) our enemies. (我們勝過敵人。)更多例子參閱: http://zh-tw.w3dictionary...

    • toeic 幾小句翻譯

      1.the dollar has gained over 13% against the euro year-to-date. 今年至今,美元對歐元已經升值 13%。 year-to-date 是...