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    over and done with

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    • beauty in the breakdown 的歌詞

      ...the only way of pleasing the crowds But when this is over and done with and we walk away There should be no doubts So let's get...

    • go over 有過去的意思嗎?

      ...' house and have dinner with them. 這邊的 go over 中文是過去的意思嗎? 是有的...意思。 例子: Come over and let's play video games... Mall to do some serious shopping. 2015...

    • 拜託幫我翻譯這段英文.....跟棒球有關的英文 willing to give a little if you want to sign with the PHILLIES. 協商過程是需要有所妥協的,如果...09-08 22:16:09 補充: The offseason is over and you do not have a contract for the 2018 season. You will need...