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  1. over the hill

    • ph.
      old and past one's best
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    • ph.
      old and past one's prime

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 請問文法的使用問題?想好久都不明白。

      一、I sometimes go for rides over the hills. 請問rides,是什麼詞性? for後面不是不能...over是介係詞意思是越過... A plane flew over the house. 一架飛機飛過了房子。 二、The...

    • 事業走下坡 聲勢的低潮(指藝人的) 英文要怎麼說

      有一個片語叫做 over the hill 用來比喻人顛峰時期已過,已經走下坡了!The critics regard the actor...走下坡!)還有一個口語的說法叫做 past it! 也是指聲勢已去或已不復當年勇的意思!The actress is past it.  She's no longer as attractive as she ...

    • 天線寶寶英文版進場台詞

      Over the hills and far away, Teletubbies come to play One, two, three, four! ... Heeeeeee ......... "Uh-oh!" Where have the teletubbies gone? Where have the teletubbies ...