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  1. over-fastidious

    • adj.
      excessively concerned about accuracy and detail
    • 釋義


    • 1. excessively concerned about accuracy and detail his manner gives the impression of an over-fastidious gentleman
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      ... liable to have a high sex drive and make passionate but fastidious lovers. 你會傾向於具有較高的性慾望,會結交... and, though yourselves sensitive, ride roughshod over the sensitivities of others. 然而,這...

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      ...reputation, agriculture mainly for cream agriculture •Is fastidious the food material freshly, but attends to most often... the populace good food which welcome to throw over Sa Pizza The diet ritual is...

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      新鈉HA 集中在雄雞梳的Hyaluronate 並且人的臍帶是非常高的, 到達7500 mg/L 並且4100 mg/L, 各自地, 在80 年代初期、Balazs 和工友開發一proccdure 隔絕, 淨化和辨認hyaluronic 酸從雄雞梳子和人的臍帶。從那以後, HA 由雄雞梳子導致了在工業標度...