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    • roll over在這的意思&其他英文句子

      ...monthly charge for this service is only $29.99, with 1,000 free weekday minutes nationwide, and unlimited weekend minutes...分鐘(通話), 及周末無上限(免費通話) And you can roll over the extra minutes to the next month instead of just ...

    • 英文 set free 幾個句子疑問

      ...前面,如: In here, the air is fresh and life is tranquil. 或「Over here」也可以。 最後,「make me free」是「把我變自由」,「set me free」是「讓我自由」,有「釋放」的...

    • 請問break free一句

      break free 是"鬆脫","失控"或"脫逃"的意思