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  1. over-optimism

    • IPA[ˌəʊvərˈɒptɪmɪz(ə)m]


    • n.
      excessive or unjustifiable optimism
    • noun: over-optimism

    • 釋義


    • 1. excessive or unjustifiable optimism he said signs were encouraging but warned against over-optimism
  2. 知識+

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      ...修飾語] 5 In the business world today,there is a growing optimism ___________the rising value of the dollar ___________要填above,about,還是over?? 按照句義,應填about(與xxx有關的) above/over=位在xxx之上的(可能不符...

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      ... desiring for the future are full of expectations and optimism, and also wish to positively work and deal with the future challenges successfully...

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      6. 加強一次樂觀的前景。鼓舞領導人談到一個更好的將來。 羅伯特‧諾伊芳斯,Intel INTC的合伙創始人,說," 樂觀是一種革新的必要的成分。個人的支援除此之外還怎樣能改變安全? 特別的領導人在整個歷史期間比普通人樂觀。 使滲出的溫士頓‧丘姬兒希望和對...