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    • 伸放紙
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    • talk over

      to talk something over with someone =與某人商議某事 I have got something to talk over with talk over a person's head=說得使對方聽不懂 If you talk something over, you discuss a thoroughly and honestly. He always talked things over...

    • OVER的意思是?!

      over KK: [] DJ: [] prep. 1. 在...之上,在正上方 We live over a small bookstore. 我們住在一家小書店的樓上。 2. (覆蓋...聊天。 11. 通過...媒介 She told me over the telephone about it. 她在電話裡把這事告訴了我。 12...

    • 急~~Love is over日文羅馬拼音

      Love is over 作詞:伊藤薰 作曲:伊藤薰 原唱...ri ga nai ka ra Love is over 盡管很傷心 還是結束吧 因為戀愛...適合你的人的 Love is over 悲しいよ 早く出てって ふりむ...