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  1. overseas compatriots

    • n.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 海外僑胞 The OCAC's existence is important as a declaration by the R.O.C. government to overseas compatriots that we care about them. 代表台灣政府向海外僑胞表達關切的聲明,僑務委員會的存在非常重要。
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    • 請問這一段話該怎麼翻呢?(中翻英)

      According to news reports, an overseas compatriot college student was set up by a swindling group, and lost about ten million...

    • 簡短中文翻譯英 ~急用

      ...promote the physical and mental health, with the relevant government departments and overseas compatriot groups do scientific propaganda, free clinic, as well as development and prosperity of...

    • studys living abroad 是甚?

      ...應該說study and live abroad,表示"在海外求學與居住" (2)僑生正確說法為:Overseas Compatriot Student Compatriot - 當名詞時,為"國人/同胞"的...