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    • 推翻,瓦解,傾覆打倒,推翻,傾覆
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    • who his是什麼用法?

      ...who his critics say has mounted a dtermined effort to overthrow the leader). 請注意你提供的句子並不是(完整)句子喔,括號部分是形容詞喔,那...

    • Edgar Allan Poe's Tale-Writing

      ...作品的篇幅長短必須列入其優劣的考量, which it will be the office of this age to overthrow-- 而這就像是此一時代的舊有體制,將遭到變革顛覆。 I do not suppose...

    • 如果我是總統 - 講稿

      ... he did for our nation at least many. Some people want to overthrow him, But those want to overthrow him of the persons can...